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Is There A Ghost Here?

Sorry about rereleasing the Sabrina & Harvey deck last week. I honestly don't know what happened. This is the second time. Is there a deck ghost that is putting decks back to upcoming list? Lol. Or it could just be my silliness.

But anyways, let's do it this way, if it happens again (I hope not), let me know and the next update I will release one extra deck to make it up. And when you scroll down in a bit, you will see that I have released an extra deck.

Good news! I have changed the Master (Regular) form and hopefully it will be easier for you to find the deck in the dropdown menu. I know that it is much convenient for me. Also, a Valentine's Day event is brewing at the moment ;)

New stuff! I have added some New Level Badges and a new round of Create A Deck.

Site Updates

New Members:LadyWolf Welcome! Hope you'll have fun playing and trading! You can find your member card in your Member Area.

Congratulations to these members!
Level Up: saya (leveled up to 3)

Achievement Badges: helena (Interact Level 2)


Games:Weekly, Create A Deck (+ Neverending category)
Store: Card shop updated

Wishing Well

Thanks for wishing! Here are some of the granted wishes : (1 card per deck throughout the wishes, comment with what you took)
Mary wished for cards spelling DISNEY as she will be there for her honeymoon and birthday.(1 card per deck)
Nejana wished for 3 choice cards from non-animated movies.(1 card per deck)

New Special Decks

You may take 1 card from each deck (and if you've donated, take also the card with the image you've submitted).

You can also use the Special Decks Randomizer instead.

New Decks

You may take up to11 cards (Max. 2 Cards/Deck).

Please take one extra, if you've donated images for the deck.
You can also use the Latest Decks Randomizer instead.

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